“Almost all of the      games in the nfs   series employ the  same fundamental  rules and similar  mechanics  the player  controls a race car in  a variety of races  the  goal being to win the race. In the tournament/career mode, the player must win a 
 series of races in order to unlock vehicles and tracks.”
    • There is many cars to select and play with them you can modify your to improve there performence and increase speed and change vehicle tyre and much more it’s really good game and best car game ever.
        • Need for Speed has been critically well received. It is one of the most successful game franchise of all time, selling over 150 million copies of games. Due to its strong sales, the franchise has expanded into other forms of media including a film adaption and licensed hot wheels toys.


            • The series has been overseen and had games developed by multiple notable teams over the years including ea black box and criterion games, the developers of the burnout franchise. In August 2013, following the downsizing of Criterion Games, it was announced that Swedish developer Ghost Games would gain control of the Need for Speed racing franchise and oversee future development of the main series. At the time, 80% of Ghost Games’ work force consisted of former Criterion Games employees.


                • Almost all of the games in the NFS series employ the same fundamental rules and similar mechanics: the player controls a race car in a variety of races, the goal being to win the race. In the tournament/career mode, the player must win a series of races in order to unlock vehicles and tracks. Before each race, the player chooses a vehicle, and has the option of selecting either an automatic or manual transmission All games in the series have some form of multiplayer mode allowing players to race one another via a split screen, a LAN or the Internet.


                    • Although the games share the same name, their tone and focus can vary significantly. For example, in some games the cars can suffer mechanical and visual damage, while in other games the cars cannot be damaged at all; in some games the software simulates real-car behaviour (physics), while in others there are more forgiving physics.


                        • With the release of need for speed underground, the series shifted from racing sport cars on scenic point-to-point tracks to an import subculture involving street racing in an urban setting. To date, this theme has remained prevalent in most of the following games.
                          GAME DEVELOPMENT
                            • The company capitalized on its experience in the domain by developing the Need for Speed series in late 1992.EA Canada continued to develop and expand the Need for Speed franchise up to 2002, when another Vancouver-based gaming company, named Black Box Games, was contracted to continue the series with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.EA Black Box has been the primary series developer on a yearly cycle from 2002-08. In 2009, EA brought in Slightly Mad Studios, due to sagging sales, and they released Need for Speed: Shift, and EA’s own UK-based company Criterion Games came with Hot Pursuit in 2010. In 2011, Slightly Mad Studios released a sequel to Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed and EA Black Box released Need for Speed: The Run.
                              • At E3 2012, Criterion Games vice president Alex Ward announced that random developers would no longer be developing NFS titles. Ward wouldn’t confirm that all Need for Speed games in the future would be developed entirely by Criterion, but he did say the studio would have “strong involvement” in them, and would have control over which NFS titles would be released in the future.


                                • During August 2013, it was announced that Criterion would be restructured and downsized, while Ghost Games would spearhead all future development of the series.

                                  GAME REQUIREMENTS

                                  • Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 6600 SM3.
                                  • OS: Windows XP/Vista.
                                  • Processor: Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz.
                                  • Memory: 512 MB (1 GB for Vista)
                                  • Hard Drive: 8 GB Free.
                                  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.
                                  • DirectX: 9.0c.

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